New Year Eve Service

04:57 am 31/Dec/19

English Service

7:30 pm Vesper   

8:00 – 11:00 pm Kiahk Praise & Spiritual Sermon

11:00 pm - 1:30 am English mass in small church

1:30 am + Youth celebration

Arabic Service:

7:30 pm Vesper

8:00 pm Midnight Prayer (First Service)

8:15 pm Parts of Kiahk's Praise

9:30 pm Jesus the role mode of purity Rev Fr Daoud

9:50 pm Midnight prayer (Second Service)

10:00 pm New Year Motto V Rev Fr Samuel

10:30 pm Midnight prayer (Third Service)

10:45 pm Morning Prayer and Tasbeha

11:15 pm Some time for self examination, Prayer and hymns

12:00 Welcoming the New Year 2020

12.05 Beginning of the Holy Liturgy

2:00 am End of the service