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Priesthood ordination: Charbel Iskander on 11 June 2023

05:25 pm 06/Jun/23

"The harvest is truly great, but the labourers are few," Luke 10:2

Our beloved Congregation,

We pray that you all have a blessed season of service during the Apostles' Fast.

We would like to invite you all to attend the priesthood ordination of the servant & deacon Charbel Iskander, which will take place on Sunday the 11th June, from 8am in the Cathedral. 

We will have 2 liturgies only on Sunday, an early liturgy from 5:30 - 8 am & the second will be from 8 -11 am. Both liturgies will be conducted in the Cathedral. We will have Sunday school service as usual.

Please pray for this ordination and for our beloved church. 

May God bless you all 🙏

2023 Passion Week & Easter Service times

06:52 am 29/Mar/23

2023 Passion Week & Easter Service times 

Here is the schedule for our 2023 Passion Week and Ressurection services (English & Arabic). 


Passion Week Timetable - Part 1

Passion Week Timetable - Part 2


جدول مواعيد خدمة اسبوع الالام

May the blessings of these Holy days be with us all, Amen 🙏

The Revival of St Pope Kyrillos VI - service times

10:48 pm 06/Mar/23

The Revival of our beloved Pope Kyrillos VI starts, tomorrow 7th of March. This year commemorates the 52nd anniversay of his passing. Here is the program in English and Arabic.
May the blessings of our beloved saint Pope Kyrillos VI be with us all, Amen. 


The Great Lent 2023 - Liturgical times

02:06 pm 19/Feb/23

Dear beloved congregation.

The Great Lent (ألصوم ألكبير) starts tomorrow 20 Feb 2023!

Here are the Liturgical service times for the next few weeks (English/Arabic):



May the blessing of these Holy days be with us all, AMEN. 

2023 Motto - شعار عام ٢٠٢٣

05:29 pm 01/Jan/23

Happy New Year everyone!

The 2023 Motto for St Mary & St Mina’s Cathedral, Sydney:

“Love never fails”
(From the love chapter, 1 Cor 13)

May our Lord be with you all and fill your hearts with Love. 
“God is Love”

‎شعار عام ٢٠٢٣ 
‎لكاتدرائية العدرا ام النور ومارمينا بسيدني :
‎" المحبة لا تسقط ابدا " 
‎( من اصحاح المحبة ١ كو ١٣ )
‎الرب معكم ومعنا يملأ قلوبنا بالمحبة 
‎ " الله محبة " 

❤️ From St Mary & St Mina’s Fathers.