A Private Message to the Congregation of St Mary's and St Mina's Cathedral

12:19 pm 16/Mar/20

  1. We ask everyone to pray cordially to our Father to stop the spread of the epidemic of sin throughout the world, for our own repentance, and for the sake of our children and our churches.
  2. We pray warmly and recite Psalm 90 "Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.." for the epidemic of the Coronavirus so that God can have compassion for the safety of His people.
  3. When attending the church, please use antiseptic solution located at the entrance to each church, also use it when leaving the church.
  4. Please try your best to stop shaking hands, hugs, kisses, also avoid gatherings in order to restrict the spread of the epidemic.
  5. If cold symptoms appear, especially sore throat, cough, and high temperature, please seek medical advice and rest at home.
  6. Do not use the church Communion corporal (lefafa) or the women's scarves. We encourage the ladies use their personal Communion corporal (lefafa) and scarf.
  7. You can use instead a tissue paper which in turn should be kept with everyone.
  8. Please do not crowd in the ladies' or men's Khoros. For this reason, there will be servants in each Mass to organise those who are participating the Holy Communion to make sure that each row will have a time long enough to complete the Holy Communion without crowding.
  9. Please pray during the prayer meetings and Holy Liturgies (especially at the time when the sacraments are distributed) in one spirit, so that God may have compassion and mercy on us.
  10. Please avoid visiting hospital and nursing homes for the elderly to avoid the spread of the epidemic.

We hope for our righteous God that this period will be an opportunity for personal and communal repentance, and we pray for all the sick people of any kind so that God will heal them and visit them with mercy and compassion.

St Mary and St Mina's Cathedral