New ladies group “Daughters of Zion”

03:03 pm 28/Feb/24

New ladies group “Daughters of Zion

First event is this Saturday, 2 March! Link to registration form included in this post 🙏

We are thrilled to announce our first event, designed to foster a supportive environment for women to strengthen their faith, enjoy fellowship, and serve one another. Our group aims to offer a loving and nurturing space for all women to come together, share their experiences, and grow spiritually.

Date:           Saturday, 2nd March 2024

Time:          6 PM to 9 PM

Venue:        Kenonia Hall

Activities:   The evening starts with the Vespers Prayer, followed by 10 minutes of short, spiritual contemplation and a fun creative session where you can grid to draw your own "Jesus Christ the Pantocrator" icon

Special Notes:

- This event is exclusively for ladies, emphasising a comfortable and open atmosphere for sharing and fellowship.

- Dinner will be a communal affair; please bring a plate to share and enjoy a variety of homemade delicacies. 

This is your chance to unleash your creativity, deepen your faith, and connect with a community of like-minded women.

Join us for a memorable evening of faith, creativity, and companionship.

Please confirm your attendance by 29th Feb 2024, via the following link:

God bless.